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Two Days before Departure

Today started off grand. I learned that an old poem of mine will appear in the arts and culture chapbook for the Limerick based organization, Stanzas. I am already grounding myself in Irish culture! Unfortunately, I will not make it to the showcase evening where all the participants read poetry and present their art. Stanzas holds monthly events, so there is always the October one! That was a great start to the morning.

The day continued to be a success. I stopped one last time at the Mystic Seaport and watched the last wooden whaling ship get a tune-up by the skilled crew. I then headed over to the one and only Clyde’s Cider Mill – and boy did it feel like a blue-sky, pumpkin-picking kind of day! The gravel parking area was a big apple orchard scented candle, luring you into a sugary, kettle corn, and apple scented room.

For only 70 cents, you can satiate your tasters with an apple cider donut. They are the ideal combo of cinnamon, sugar, and apple. Plus, each are delicately fluffy. If only I remember a mug of warm cider for dunking!

Moving on from there, my mom and I reposed at our old stomping grounds. Niantic, CT.The sand felt like a warm blanket from the dryer despite the moderately cool air. We watched as the unusually sparkly, royal blue water carried big ships and small sailboats along the horizon. And from the corner of our eye, the silohuettes of two fishermen on rocks filled the scene with maritime longing.

Am I forgetting anything to do or get before I depart? Ah yes, fudge! I will not be allowed into the country of Ireland without the fudge. I traditionally bring my boyfriend and his family a box of fudge from Mystic. Let’s just say it doesn’t last long in that house!