It’s the journey among tea shops, not the work destination

I am two days into my Global Experiences trip, and begin my Hot Press internship tomorrow morning! After hunting down the office this afternoon with my two housemates, I am pleased to announce I work near a Butler’s Chocolate shop! Yes, food -especially chocolate – is vital to my happiness at work. The hundreds of tea shops along the way brighten up the prospect of a 20 minute walk to work. Hot Press is in a great central location and I feel fortunate to save on bus money! Right around the corner from the building will be my housemate, Donna, working for a company called Exchange. It appears I will have a lunch break buddy!

On the flip side, my roommate, Bailey, continues her trek to work by crossing over the Liffey River and catching a bus to her office. In total, her commute could take up to 45 minutes. Perhaps she can meet us downtown for dinner on her way back through the city. Food always is the answer! The city life can add some stress if you are use to hopping in a car and driving on straight roads for fifteen minutes to work. But at least the commute to work requires exercise! I will definitely earn those cups of tea and hot chocolate. 😉


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