Four Days to Soak in New England Autumn

It feels as if only yesterday I had 130 days until my flight to Ireland. Now that I have just 4 days to go, I feel like that is ‘feck all’ time, as well as a lifetime away. Today, I took a stroll through Harkness Park and marveled at the billowing kites floating out in mid-air, like a colored-in cloud. No strings attached. I could not see the master of kites, but I assume they were among the thick of trees.


If you were the kite, high above the Harkness mansion rooftop, you would see a blue and white wedding taking place at noon near a sandy shore. A bagpiper may even fill your ears with a ceremonial song. And if you craned your kite neck to the opposite side, you would see ferries and schooners leaving frothy white writing in the choppy Sound. Three lighthouses, two islands, and  a university mansion can also be seen, if you were so keen to observe.

My morning at the park made me realize how close autumn is. The usual summer picnic-ers are gone and the admission to state parks is free. Time for vacant beaches, fields, and fall holidays. I won’t have a fall New England this year, but before I fly to Dublin, I hope to enjoy a few apple cider donuts and pumpkin pie! As there are only 4 days left in the States, I am to soak in the tail of summer heat and the head of a cozy, cool season. This means: one last sundae from the homemade ice cream shop in Salem, CT, one last cycle around the neighborhood, and one more stroll through Mystic Seaport.

I am ready to have a very Irish autumn! Now, I best start packing :O


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