From WordPress to Hot Press

A Maritime Studies graduate takes on journalism! Only 30 days to go now until I land in Dublin and pursue a new field (or ocean, if you will). Instead of writing about Somalian pirates or the troubles in the South Sea, I may encounter a different type of piracy within the topics covered at Hot Press magazine. The magazine is close to or equivalent to the Rolling Stone publication. Topics span from music to politics to opinion pieces. This variety excites me as it provides more opportunity to explore the ins and outs of journalism. A recent Hot Press article announced that Irish musician, Glen Hansard, will return to Vicar Street for an Autumn show. Beneath that article, a news piece gave an update about the Eighth Amendment. Whatever I end up doing during my 12 week internship will give me a full sense of the journalism field. I hope I can prove that no matter what your degree in, you can succeed at a job that entails what you are passionate about.

At the moment, two things are on my mind:

  1. Will I enjoy journalism as much as I think I will? I mean, I created the family magazine, Stewart Weekly when I was nine years old!
  2. How does an Irish job differ from American job standards?

Oh, and …3) Where’s the closest ice cream shop to the office building?

As I write this down, I am in the shade on my lunch break during one of the hottest days of the summer. I currently work for the Mystic Seaport Museum, incorporating my maritime knowledge and improving my people skills. I interpret history and make concepts, such as forces used at sea, relevant to everyone. Yesterday, for instance, I explained the Coriolis Effect on hurricanes in the Northern hemisphere and how this force affects humans. In the same day, I knocked down pins with a spinning top to demonstrate the old tavern game Skittles. As I will soon do with journalism, my words will communicate and decipher knowledge for many people.

Stay tuned for the details of my internship project and duties!


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