77 Days, 5 hours

I have surpassed the busiest weekend of the summer at the Mystic Seaport without injury, save for one large blister from unsuccessfully twisting a tacky-glue cap. Working with children, hot wax, and hot glue leaves one exhausted and constantly peeling away webs of adhesive. This in-between summer job has made me question the what-ifs. What-if I stayed at Champlain College and pursued a professional writing career? What-if I gained impressive experience and inspiration from the professors there in Vermont? Would I be here scraping glue from counters and kindly asking visitors to leave their beverage outside for the thousandth time?

77 days and 5 hours. By that exact day, I will know my placement in Dublin. I want to try something completely new – but something I know I was meant to try long ago.


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