The In-Between

I am 100 days away from landing in Dublin for my Global Experiences internship. To me, that seems a life-time away! In the coming weeks, I will have an interview or two with potential employers. Usually I do not like the unknown, but I am embracing the possibilities because I know whatever I obtain will be positive. Can I start packing now? Of course I can.  I already slipped a few sweaters into my blue duffel bag when I packed away my winter attire. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

The excitement between my graduation from the University of Connecticut and this internship will be filled by a summer of fun at my second favorite place to be – The Mystic Seaport. In a week, I begin the summer season at America’s Museum of the Sea for the third year in a row. My first summer there involved learning all about the 38th voyage of the old wooden whale ship Charles W. Morgan and traveling to Boston to assist with a dockside exhibit for her port of call. All the ship-fitters, interpreters, and staff were buzzing around to help out with the Morgan’s voyage, so my first summer naturally fell into the hectic flow as well. Last summer was also busy, as I took on the seaport internship and worked for the Exhibits Department – while also traveling once a week to a New England museum. I think this summer will fair differently! My assignments include interpreting all the areas that attract children – Art Spot (care to make a candle?), Toy Boats, Children’s Museum, and the Discovery Barn (come in, I’ll teach you about the mechanical advantages found on the fishing schooner L.A Dunton). I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer.

From the Mystic River to the Irish Sea, I am right where I want to be. DSCN2600.JPG


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