Exchanging Places: UConn to UCD

Avery Point
Avery Point

Dia duit! Or ‘god to you,’ as the literal Irish translation goes.  As part of my cultural experience here in Dublin, Ireland, I have picked up a few words of conversational Irish – free souvenirs you may say. When asked what ‘thank you’ is in my Irish for beginners course, an American student enthusiastically blurted out ‘Cheers!’ Sure, the lingo and phrases tossed around on this green island may be foreign to international students, but I have found that after a month of living here, fellow classmates from Australia and America alike are using Irish phrases. ‘What’s the craic?’ and ‘grand!’ are words that are becoming addictive. This exchange is a sure sign that the international body is becoming comfortable and accepting the culture at UCD. I am sure that when I return in January to the University of Connecticut, Avery Point,  I will be expecting to have a glass of wine at functions and asking my professors ‘What’s the story?’ Stay tuned for a blog about my trip to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher with my lovely housemates!


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